Elizabeth Grayson

Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare Manager

Northamptonshire Police

“Jenny has been providing hypnotherapy for Northamptonshire Police Officers and Police Staff since 2003.

We have received excellent feedback from her clients and, without exception, all of those referred for hypnotherapy felt that it was helpful. Many people initially expressed concerns and were apprehensive or daunted by the thought of having hypnotherapy but subsequently, due to Jenny’s kind and caring manner, had their fears alleviated and went on to state that they found the treatment extremely worthwhile and, in some cases, life changing.

The intervention of Jenny’s hypnotherapy undoubtedly helped towards people returning to work earlier than anticipated and indeed continuing to stay at work instead of taking sick leave. Individuals were referred for various reasons e.g. phobias, anxiety, smoking, exams/interviews, stress and sleep problems and the hypnotherapy not only gave them great benefit in the short term but Jenny also taught coping and relaxation skills to some individuals to be used when their treatment sessions had finished.

Jenny is also very good at delivering seminars and provided a memorable one to Police Welfare Officers on stress management.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Jenny Lineham to anyone who wished to contract her to provide hypnotherapy services for their staff.”

Police Officer

“Jenny was outstanding. I had never experienced hypnosis before. I had 6 sessions and, by completion of my therapy, could easily take myself into hypnosis, allowing me to continue the healing process of my subconscious myself. I would recommend Jenny and hypnosis to anyone.

The great thing is that, by dealing with the subconscious, the need to rationalise and analyse things consciously is removed. The ‘faults’ in how your brain/behaviour operate just ‘pop up’ and enable the corrective therapy to target the problems dirrectly.

Thank you Welfare. This treatment and your help literally SAVED MY LIFE.”

Prison Officer – retired

I feel I must put in writing my thanks for how my life has changed.

Prior to my treatment with Jenny Lineham I was unable to go out without fear of my pain forcing me home early.

My back injury was caused by years of training as a Martial Artist. A CT scan has shown my injury cannot be repaired. I was therefore on drugs to help the pain but the side effects were not good. I decided I would come off the drugs and just rely on pain killers. I was then introduced to the possibility of hypnosis.

I was sceptic at first but my life was none existent and I was in constant pain. So I thought I had nothing to lose so I booked an appointment with Jenny.

Initially Jenny said it might need 5 sessions but after the 3rd I was told I was capable of Self Hypnosis.

In the 3 weeks I have seen Jenny my confidence has returned, I now have a normal life and can go out without fear of pain controlling my life.

Many, many thanks,


Dave Hodgson. HMP Strangeways, retired.

(I contacted Dave more than a year after his therapy to see how he was doing. He’s very well and is planning an international tour teaching martial arts.)

Young woman diagnosed with OCD at the age of 13

“Jenny, Just a little note to thank you so much for all your help recently, getting me to the stage in my life which I have craved to be at…my happiest!

I feel wonderful, as if the world is my oyster, thank you for showing me the way. You are wonderful at what you do, you have changed my life.”

A nurse

“To Jenny, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

It has taken a while but I have got there in the end! I feel it all began having hypnotherapy as I would never have had the faith before to attempt the degree program. Thank you for believing in me and giving me the chance to see it for myself.

Thank you SO much.”

Client with hyperemesis gravidarum (excessive sickness in pregnancy). Session given after 5th admission to hospital.

(A note from her mother-in-law).

“Dear Jenny, Please find enclosed a cheque for the hypnotherapy session in January at Northampton General Hospital. Many thanks – she hasn’t been sick since!!”

Young woman with anxiety and depression

“Thank you so much for your wisdom, understanding and support. Your sessions have been so helpful to me and I hope they will continue to be so. Your words will stay with me forever. Thank you.”

jenny Lyneham Nottingham Hypnotherapist

Jenny Lineham

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