Hypnotherapy and the NHS

The remit of the NHS is to work within the parameters of evidence-based practice. This is as it should be. Unfortunately there has been very little research into hypnotherapy and many physicians don’t yet fully understand what can be achieved with this safe and effective tool.

To this end I would be very interested in participating in good research to begin to establish hypnotherapy as a mainstream treatment within the NHS.

However, change is in the air.

GP Refresher Course
Pain Study Day
Nottingham City Hospital 2012

In September I was asked to participate in a GP refresher course on pain management. I spoke to the group initially to explain hypnotherapy, how it works and what can be achieved, especially focussing on pain management. Throughout the day I saw GPs in small groups for Q&A and offered the chance to experience hypnosis and learn self-hypnosis. I was surprised at how little scepticism there was and several GPs commented that hypnotherapy should be available on the NHS.

Feedback from the course was as follows (7 being the maximum score):

An average score of:

6 for presentation

5 for relevance.

I was delighted with this response and I have had a few referrals since. Maybe we’re getting closer to some NHS funding?

GP Trainees and Specialist Registrars
Pain Study Day
Nottingham City Hospital 2009

I was asked to present hypnotherapy to around 125 GP Trainees and Specialist Registrars in the postgraduate education centre in Nottingham City Hospital as part of a Pain Study Day.

The feedback from the course was marked from 1 – 4.

1 = not very useful, to 4 = very useful. The overall feedback from my presentation and workshops was:

4.(very useful) 26

3.(useful) 76

2.(quite useful) 22

1.(not very useful) 2

I found this very encouraging and enjoyed the opportunity to demystify hypnotherapy for people in the forefront of medical care.

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